If you need Strapping for your products and haven’t used it before, our friendly and experienced staff will guide on which strap best suits your product as well as tools needed to properly use it. They even demonstrate how it is used. If you have any questions concerning strapping, they are happy to answer all. We also supply seals if they are required. Find various kinds of strappings and more at JT Dixon.

  • Steel Strapping (12mm-19mm / .5 thick)
  • Hi Tensile Steel Strapping (19mm-31mm / .48-.80 thick)
  • Hand Grade Plastic Strapping 12mm-19mm
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Strap (12mm-19mm)
  • PET Green Strapping 12mm-19mm
  • Blue and Clear Machine Strapping (12mmX3000m)