Protective Packaging

JT Dixon stock a wide range of Bubblewrap, Polyfoam rolls, Mailer Bags, Bubble Bags and void fillers.  Stocking rolls from 300mm to 1500mm wide, our flexible suppliers can slit and perforate bubblewrap and foam to perfectly suit your protective packaging needs.

300MM P10+P20 100m/rl 1200mm .5mm Thick
500MM P10+P20 100m/rl 1200mm 1mm Thick
750MM P10+P20 100m/rl 1200mm 2mm Thick
1500MM P10+P20 100m/rl 1200mm 3mm Thick
1500MM P10 200m/rl 1200mm 4mm Thick
  1200mm 8mm Thick
  1200mm 12mm Thick

*P10=10mm Bubble Size, P20=20mm Bubble Size

Air Pillow

Polyfoam Rolls

Mailer Bags

Custom Made Cartons

Bubble wrap

Bubble Bags