7 Brilliant Tips for Selecting Packaging for Pharmaceutical Companies



A new pharmaceutical product has many stages from development up to the time that it is finally presented to the market.  This is the most difficult time for pharmaceutical companies in that they do not always consider the importance of packaging and how this can affect the sales on their products.  It is important for these companies to seek guidance from companies that have expertise in packaging so that their production process can be augmented through the identification of certain hazards that may present themselves in the development of a product.

Here are 7 brilliant tips for selecting packaging specialist for pharmaceutical companies:

1) Once a packaging manufacturer is chosen, they can help to develop a fully customised solution which will reduce risks including the failure of container closures. This can improve the processes and products while reducing risk, ensuring that the process is efficient and completely sustainable.  The product should be safe while still being able to stand apart from other products.

2) Insist on High Quality Materials. Higher quality materials are important because they will help the pharmaceutical company to avoid expensive recalls due to packaging failures.  Although it can seem costly to choose materials that are of higher quality, it is far more expensive to deal with a full recall of products that have faulty packaging.

3) By establishing an early relationship with a packaging specialist, pharmaceutical companies can eliminate dangers that can occur with products that leach or can be extracted. When the same materials are used, it can help a manufacturer to make a determination regarding the possibility of any interaction that may take place between the product and the packaging.  This can be discovered early on during the development of the product.  If there are any serious issues those can be dealt with early on in the process of packaging development.

4) The establishment of a partnership between a pharmaceutical company and a packaging specialist can help each partner in the business relationship to understand the other when it comes to possible problems and processes. The efficiencies of the packaging can be increased during development of the product which should lead to fewer possibilities of contamination.

5) A new product can stand out if it has a unique delivery system. When the pharmaceutical company considers how the product will be administered when thinking of a clinical application it is not a good time to consider the use of packaging that may be high-risk or new.  A better idea is to use low-risk packaging that is standardized and then develop that packaging or change it later as the product becomes popular and sales increase significantly.

6) When a pharmaceutical company partners with a packaging specialist it allows them to focus on their core business instead of having to spend extra time and money on products and staff to take care of packaging. The packaging specialist is the right choice and will get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

7) One key to pharmaceutical products is the safety of the packaging. Drug therapies need to be delivered in a safe manner so the packaging specialist and the pharmaceutical company must work together to agree on a production process that enhances quality as well as the safety of patients.

A pharmaceutical company should choose a leading industrial supplier of packaging that will work hard to provide the best possible packaging which uses the latest technology, is safe and is also cost-effective.  A team of dedicated professionals have the ability to create a custom design and move forward with the manufacture of the right products to suit a particular pharmaceutical company and their products.  These professionals should be able to create custom designs all while creating products that meet with the expectations of the pharmaceutical company.

JT Dixon has a  dedicated team of professionals, who manufactures custom designed products that are specific to the pharmaceutical industry. We offer a comprehensive range of packaging pharmaceutical goods and a high level of service to complement these goods. Contact us via our online form or email us at info@jtdixon.com.au. 


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